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Sartomer Offers Acrylic Oligomer for UV/EB Corrosion Resistant and Weatherable Coatings

Published June 26, 2012
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CN9030 is a new difunctional aliphatic urethane acrylate oligomer from Sartomer. It is designed for high-end UV/EB-cure coating applications - especially coatings for metal surfaces where resistance to yellowing and corrosion are required. CN9030 demonstrates adhesion to challenging substrates, including metals and plastics, and produces films that are strong and flexible.

In addition, CN9030 is resistant to harsh chemicals, such as methy ethyl ketone (MEK) and concentrated NaOH. Target markets for this product include metal and plastic coatings; litho, flexo, screen and inkjet inks; laminating adhesives and electronics.

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