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Nazdar to Distribute VFP Credit Card Ink in U.S. Market


Will distribute UVICard for the plastic credit card market

Nazdar Ink Technologies announced an agreement with VFP Ink Technologies to distribute UVICard for the plastic credit card market. Nazdar is the exclusive U.S. distributor for this ink line.

VFP Ink Technologies is a subsidiary company of Tripette & Renaud Group, based in France since 1836. VFP is a manufacturer of screen printing, pad printing and digital inks and is internationally renowned for their credit card inks.

VFP has recently introduced an industry-first UV screen ink that is stable during the heat lamination process associated with the plastic card market. UVICard is a ready-to-use, single component UV ink that passes all credit card specifications. VFP is currently selling the UVICard ink in markets outside of the U.S. with great success. UVICard ink can be purchased in white, black and specific metallic colors. Color matched spot colors are also available.

Advantages of the UVICard UV ink over solvent or aqueous inks are:
• All colors are VOC-free.
• Cards can be stacked, offset overprinted and laminated immediately after UV exposure.
• Single component, ready to use.
• UV dryers typically use less energy and time than conventional dryers.
• Does not dry in the screen.
• 100% solid ink deposit.
• One year shelf life.

VFP’s UVICard CC103 Opaque White has been tested against competitors' solvent inks. The test revealed that the UVICard White is more opaque in one print of white, than two or three prints of the solvent whites. This testing was done using a 355 mesh for the UVICard White and a 230 mesh for the solvent based ink. What this means to the customer is better results, less ink usage and faster production capabilities using the UVICard ink.

Nazdar Ink Technologies also offers its world-class services along with the distribution of the UVICard Ink. Nazdar provides color matching, technical services and consulting services for customers looking to move to UV technology, or just looking to improve efficiency and productivity in their shop.

"The UVICard Ink is a product that will impact the plastic card market in a positive way, and Nazdar is excited to be the exclusive distributer of UVICard in the U.S. market," said Phil McGugan, vice president of sales and marketing for Nazdar Ink Technologies.

"We are highly motivated and excited by this new cooperation with Nazdar Ink Technologies,” said Sébastien Petit, sales director for VFP.

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