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MACtac Durable Film Products Receives UL Recognition for Flint Group Flexocure FORCE, Hydrofilm ACE Flexo Inks in North America


Upfront UL Recognition reduces converters cost and time spent qualifying substrates

MACtac Printing Products secured Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Recognition for Flint Group inks when used with its durable film product line, including 3.4-mil white vinyl, 2.6-mil white polypropylene, 2.0-mil white and clear polyester and 2.0-mil bright silver polyester labels.

When using UL Recognized MACtac products, converters now have pre-approval for flexo inks. Pre-approval means no new testing is required, only a paper transfer which can be submitted through an internet portal, via email or phone. Upfront UL Recognition reduces converters’ cost and time spent qualifying substrates with UL and allows customers to enter new markets faster.

UL’s label adoption process ensures fast market access by demonstrating that recognized labels have been evaluated to meet UL safety requirements. UL’s Marking and Labeling Systems Program covers labels that display safety and warning information on UL certified components and products.

The Flint Group Packaging and Narrow Web ink systems that have been qualified are Flexocure FORCE UV flexo inks, and Hydrofilm ACE water-based flexo inks. These ink systems are UL Recognized for use with MACtac durable film products.

“This is great news for Flint Group and printers using Flint Group inks who require UL approved materials,” said Tom Hammer, product manager, Flint Group Packaging and Narrow Web North America. “We were confident that our inks would be recognized by UL after meeting the requirements of their testing, and we’re not surprised that Flint Group inks worked so well with MACtac’s materials. Flexocure FORCE and Hydrofilm ACE are truly universal systems designed with the highest quality raw materials for the best performance available in the market. We are extremely pleased with this added confidence in our ink systems, and proud of the products we supply.”