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Intrinsiq Materials Announces CP-002 Low Cost Copper Screen Print Paste


Nanoparticle-based copper paste designed for photonic curing

Intrinsiq Materials announced the launch of Intrinsiq CP-002, a novel 85wt% copper screen print paste formulation. CP-002 is the latest in a range of ink and paste formulations utilizing Intrinsiq’s novel nanoparticle technology and is designed for photonic curing in air at room temperature by laser or broad band flash. Intrinsiq’s first CP product, CP-001, launched in 2011, was primarily for use on paper substrates. CP-002 has wider applicability and is suitable for a variety of substrates including paper.

The conductivities and performance of the paste is comparable with many commercially available silver pastes.

“Commissioning of our U.S. operations and capacity increases at our UK facility now make real the promise of lower cost conductive inks and pastes when purchased in volume quantities,” Intrinsiq CEO Bob Cournoyer said. “This is possible due to the combination of the relatively low price of copper and Intrinsiq Material’s on-going progress in dramatically reducing the cost of nanoparticle ink production ensuring a 30% or more price advantage over comparable silver products.”

Larger production quantities are now available as production scaling has commenced at Intrinsiq’s new Rochester, NY, facility and the established facility at Farnborough Hampshire, UK. Custom ink formulations are also possible. IM has nanoparticle-based nickel and silicon inks under development, as well as a range of nanophosphors.