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Red Spot Paint and Varnish Co. focuses on sustainability at RadTech 2012


Red Spot presents paper on sustainability at end user session

Diane Marret of Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co. (booth 312) will present her paper, “Conversion to UV Curable technology with a Sustainable Approach,” at this afternoon’s end user on Sustainability.

This paper offers a realistic look at the process to convert from traditional thermal applications to UV with a sustainable approach in mind. The goal for sustainability in regards to UV applications is typically defined as smaller, faster and cleaner, and it’s always the objective to give the end user a complete package of a smaller footprint with faster throughput and no VOCs.

However, sometimes there can be restrictions that prevent that perfect scenario from happening right away. For an end user new to UV, all three might not be immediately achievable, but certainly there will be improvements in one or two areas over traditional thermal applications.

This paper walks an end user through the steps of converting to UV curable technology, keeping in mind ideal sustainable practices, while understanding the role of the raw material supplier, the formulator and the equipment supplier. The presentation will touch on the known advantages of UV (smaller production footprint, faster cycle time, reduced energy costs, low/no VOCs) while also highlighting the process of converting and what questions they need to be asking early (where/who is doing production, what are product specs/expectations, are there known cost targets/limitations, etc).