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INX International’s EVOLVE Products Surge for drupa


NW140 UV digital narrow web press with UV LED-cure single pass output will be one highlight

SAKATA INX Group - including INX International Ink Co. and INX Digital International - will display a trifecta of in-demand devices in Dusseldorf, Germany (Stand 3A50) from May 3-16.

The new NW140 UV digital narrow web press with UV LED-cure single pass output, which captivated audiences at Graph Expo and LabelExpo last fall, will be in the spotlight as the centerpiece of the EVOLVE Advanced Digital Solutions brand line of equipment. It will be joined by the CP100 UV digital cylindrical printer and the MD1000, the latest in a series of UV flatbed printers.

The EVOLVE Advanced Digital Solutions concept was introduced by INX in 2009. It was designed to aid traditional printers and converters in switching to digital printing with industrial inkjet systems. INX offers a full range of resources with this program, from integrated systems, chemistry and parts to service and consulting. Some of the products were originally designed for the metal decorating industry, but Jim Lambert, vice president and general manager of INX Digital, says there have been surprise developments in the marketplace.

“As the brand name suggests, our new products continue to evolve just like the printing industry itself,” Mr. Lambert said. “Since LabelExpo, we’ve completed some technical refinements to the design, chemistries and inks on the NW140 press. We completed beta testing not long ago and the first installation will take place right after drupa on May 20 at a Chicago area company.

“An expanded marketplace explains the success of the MD1000 and CP100 printers. There have been a number of new, industrial applications that are driving demand. For example, the MD1000 is being used by a company in Birmingham, AL to print acoustical tiles that are used in churches and musical venues, as well as dialysis centers. The tiles absorb sound and the company is using the MD1000 to print graphics on the tiles.”

The NW140 UV digital narrow web press offers single pass printing at speeds up to 80 feet per minute on any label stock. The press incorporates a Spartanics X140 laser die-cutting station, 14 Xaar 1001 printheads, a Phoseon Fireline 225 high efficiency, water-cooled UV LED curing system, and Integration Technology’s air-cooled UV LED pinning system.

In providing for easy separation of printed labels, the NW140 will support media up to 2mm thick, and on 3-inch cores up to 2 feet in diameter. The LED curing lamps are used for the pre-coat, white base layer and varnish to hold the inkjet drops in position before a full cure is added by another LED lamp and laser die-cut.

“The NW140 UV digital narrow web press is very different to the marketplace,” Mr. Lambert said. “The press is unique because it combines printing and conversion in one machine when you use the new Spartanics laser die-cutter; you don’t have to remove a printed roll from the machine. Plus, the color work is brilliant, the job changeovers are lightning quick and the automated cutting paths are precise.”

The CP100 UV digital cylindrical printer is delivering high resolution (up to 300 dpi), 4-color graphics for customers who remark that it can’t be matched by traditional screen-print, heat transfer or sublimation bottle printing methods. It overprints, over varnishes and fabricates exceptionally well, and specially formulated UV LED inks also give it a capability that can’t be matched. Both the CP100 and MD1000 UV flatbed offer excellent value for short run solutions.

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