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Evonik highlights ACEMATT 3600 at RadTech 2012


ACEMATT 3600 is an easily dispersible, treated matting agent designed for low gloss radiation curable coatings.

One of Evonik’s (booth 510) latest offerings for the UV coatings market is ACEMATT 3600. ACEMATT 3600, treated with a special organic polymer, is a fine particle size silica, especially designed for low gloss radiation curable coatings.

ACEMATT 3600 has a low impact on the viscosity of UV coatings compared to conventional silica matting agents, according to the company. High matting efficiency, excellent transparency in UV coating systems and an easy processability are additional features of ACEMATT 3600. Due to a special organic surface treatment, ACEMATT 3600 shows a very good recoatability in applications that require a second coating or varnish layer.