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BYK Additives and Instruments displays latest offerings for the UV market


Additives offer a number of key benefits for the UV market

BYK Additives and Instruments (booth 521) has a number of additives for UV market on display today. Ceraflour 1000 is a biodegradable polymer based on renewable resources with wax-like properties to improve matting and soft touch effect.

Benefits of Ceraflour 1000 include:
• reduction of gloss, especially in UV systems
• soft touch effect
• high transparency
• improved scratch resistance, blocking resistance, leveling
• no influence on slip
• easy to incorporate
• no foam stabilization
• no influence on viscosity.

Nanobyk-3605 is a liquid additive containing nanoparticles for solventborne and solvent-free rad-cure systems to improve scratch and abrasion resistance.

Key benefits of Nanobyk-3605 include:

• easy to handle
• only low shear force needed for incorporation
• safe access to nanotechnology (dust-free product)
• improves abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, chemical resistance
• no negative impact on gloss, transparency, processability.

BYK-3455 is a fluorine-free silicone additive that can be used to improve substrate wetting and leveling in waterborne systems and solvent-free UV coatings.

Key benefits of BYK-3455 include:

In waterborne coatings:
• improves substrate wetting, flow and leveling
• strong reduction of static and dynamic surface tension
• better pore wetting of wood substrates
• no influence on intercoat adhesion
• reduced picture framing /fish eyes
• no increase in slip
• no foam stabilization

in solvent-free UV coatings:
• improved substrate wetting, flow and leveling
• no foam stabilization.