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Maximizing the benefits of UV curable powder coatings


UV powder coating technology continues to gain popularity in field use

By Tim Wright • Senior Editor

UV powder coating technology continues to gain popularity in field use. Today’s UV Powder end user session, which will be held 1:00 -3:00 p.m., will explore this market and focus on ways to maximize UV powder coatings technology.

Michael Knoblauch of DVUV, LLC, will begin the session with, “Advantages and Cost Analysis of UV-Curable Powder Coatings.” UV-curable powder coatings offer a wide range of possibilities and added benefits for finishing medium density fiberboard (MDF). The coating flows smoothly around corners, edges and cut-outs.

UV-cured powder finishes can be matched to Pantone and RAL color systems as well as laminates and liquid paints. UV-cured powder coating application technology is exceptionally fast and efficient. Other advantages include increased finishing capacity, reduced defects, smaller plant footprint and lower energy costs. This paper will discuss the many advantages of UV-curable powder coatings and explain the cost and efficiency advantages UV-cured powder coating offers.

Next, “New Opportunities for UV-Curable Powder Coatings” will be presented by Ryan Schwarb of Keyland Polymer Ltd.

UV-curable powder coatings combine high performance material chemistry and efficient application technology to finish heat sensitive materials including MDF, plastics, composites, metal and pre-assembled components.

UV-curable powder coatings are a rapidly developing segment of the coatings industry. The advantages of UV-cure powder application technology include ease of material handling, environmentally friendly finishing, no VOCs or HAP, and high material utilization.

Lower temperatures make these coatings ideal for finishing a wide range of temperature sensitive materials and application system advantages include higher finishing capacity, smaller finishing footprint and lower energy costs. This paper will focus on the new opportunities for UV-curable powder coatings and their benefits in finishing heat sensitive materials.

Kevin Joesel, Fusion UV Systems, Inc., will give his talk on “UV Powder Curing Process Solutions: UV for 3D.”

The continued formulation development of UV powders, and the expansion of realized and potential applications, require a reliable and economical UV curing process. One of the key process challenges is “line-of-sight” requirement that is always a challenge for 3D objects that are coated with UV powder. Various applications will be reviewed and the UV process solutions employed to meet the process challenges with a concentration on 3D parts/products.

Lastly, Steve Couzens of Radex UV Powder Coating will present, “Going GREEN For Commercial Success.”

This presentation will focus on what needs proceed the commercial success of UV powder, with industry terms and definitions being explained. The process advantages of UV powder will show how ‘green’ the end product can be, while highlighting the high property value of the UV powder chemistry. Further technology discussions will explain the advantages of UV over thermoset powder.

The second part of the presentation will cover current markets and the products where UV powder on wood is in use today. The session will be interactive using slides and questions from the audience.