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Exhibitors showcase innovations at RadTech 2012


Leading suppliers are showcasing their latest developments at RadTech 2012

By David Savastano • Editor

New products are the lifeblood of any industry, and energy curing is no exception. As a result, leading suppliers are showcasing their latest developments at RadTech 2012.

James Zawicki, manager, marketing communications, Sartomer USA, LLC, said that Sartomer is featuring seven new products at RadTech 2012. Among these are a trio of urethane acrylate oligomers – CN9029, CN9030 and CN9031 – that are ideal for coatings and inks alike. CN9029 is ideal for applications requiring hardness, chemical resistance and low odor, while CN9030 and CN9031 offer excellent flexibility, weatherability and corrosion resistance

CN823 acrylic oligomer provides low shrinkage, strong adhesion and is hydrophobic. CN9060 aliphatic urethane acrylate oligomer is hydrophobic and low odor, and contains a high percentage of natural content.

CN9062 Dual Care urethane acrylate oligomer has an OH value of 85 mg KOH/g, and utility in dual cure compositions. It provides excellent hardness and chemical resistance, while SR217 cycloaliphatic acrylate monomer has high Tg, low shrinkage, and is hydrophobic and weatherable.

Joe Coffey, manager UV applications at Shamrock Technologies, noted that Shamrock is bringing a wide range of new products to RadTech 2012.

"Shamrock will feature four UV coating families, accounting for 13 unique products, each offering unique advantages in UV applications," Mr. Coffey said.

Dr. Mike Idacavage, director of business development, Esstech, Inc., said that Esstech is seeing a move from generic, low cost materials and processes to higher performance materials and more efficient processes, and is introducing new high-performance products to the marketplace.

“Esstech will be introducing Exothanes, a new line of high performance urethane-based methacrylates and acrylates for industrial applications,” Dr. Idacavage noted.

Anthony Carignano, global marketing manager, packaging coatings and inks at Cytec, said that Cytec’s Coating Resins business will focus on promoting EBECRYL 571, a modified polyester resin; EBECRYL 411, a robust modified polyester resin for narrow web film substrate plastics; UCECOAT 7200, a waterborne UV technology; and EBECRYL 8110, a patented energy curable specialty resin.

Evonik is highlighting two new products at RadTech 2012. TEGO Dispers 688 is a new polymeric wetting and dispersing additive. Evonik is also featuring ACEMATT 3600 matting agent, a fine-grained polymer-treated precipitated silica.

John Erbeck, product line manager for Emerald Performance Materials, noted that his company will be introducing its new Lucida Colors energy curable dispersions for coatings and inks to the market this spring.

Rich Edgar, end use manager – wood, coil and can coatings at BYK USA, said that BYK USA is highlighting NANOBYK 3605, which contains stabilized surface treated silica nanoparticles; CERAFLOUR 1000, a new biodegradable polymer based on renewable resources with wax-like properties; BYKJET-9150, a wetting and dispersing additive for UV curable inkjet inks; BYK 1791, a new aromatic-free polymeric defoamer; and BYK 3455, a new fluorine-free silicone additive for water-borne and solvent-free UV cure.

BASF is emphasizing its ability to support the total formulation of a radcure coating, while Orion Engineered Carbons, a carbon black specialist, offers a broad range of carbon black pigments