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Toyo Ink, Yabang Establish JV Pigment Company in China

Published April 16, 2012
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Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. and Yabang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. are setting up Jiangsu Toyo Yabang Pigment Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Jiangsu Province, China to strengthen sales of pigments in China and overseas.

By means of the business alliance between the Toyo Ink Group and Yabang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., the partners will supply organic pigment products that are highly competitive in the international market in terms of performance, quality and price, to a broad range of customers on the domestic market in China and overseas.

Having manufactured and sold organic pigment since the 1920s, the advanced technological skills and quality of the Toyo Ink Group have earned it a reputation as a major brand for high-performance pigment-derived products, and the business has expanded widely around the world.

The Yabang Group, which is proud of its top-level market share for organic pigments on the domestic market in China, possesses sales channels covering the whole of China and a highly cost-competitive production infrastructure.

The objective of this joint venture is to establish a close-knit partnership in the organic pigment and intermediates business, and to evolve the business by utilizing mutual business resources and strengths.

Continuous growth is expected for the pigment markets in both China and India in the future, and the range of chemicals that make up the raw materials will also be concentrating both on China and India. However, in China, environmental regulations are progressing rapidly to keep pace with environmental regulations in developed countries, and there is a growing range of problems including pressure on businesses due to investment in countermeasures, and instability on the raw materials market.

At first, the focus of the business will be to sell the existing pigment products of the Toyo and Yabang Groups. At the same time, the companies will strengthen the technical alliance between the two Groups. By merging the technical strength of the Toyo Ink Group with the production strength of the Yabang Group, it aims for a sales volume of 10,000 tons in 2016 by providing organic pigment products that are highly competitive on the international market.

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