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Sensient Imaging Technologies S.A. Launches ElvaJet TFP 110,


New sublimation ink set for Epson Micro PiezoTFP printheads

Sensient Imaging Technologies S.A. is extending its range of high performance sublimation inkjet inks by adding a new member to the ElvaJet family of products.

The ElvaJet TFP 110 range of sublimation inks has been developed to offer superior results on printers equipped with the latest generation of Epson Thin Film Piezo (TFP) printheads, in particular the very popular Epson 9700 and Epson 9710.

The new inks - available in cyan, magenta, yellow and ultra-black - combine the well-known features of the ElvaJet range with a superior flow through the new head. The high colorant concentration opens the way to achieving broad color space and extended testing has demonstrated excellent long-run printability.

With the ElvaJet family of products and their value-enhancing
approach to industrial digital printing, Sensient Imaging Technologies S.A. offers inks with proven and enhanced performance in industrial digital printing:
• Visual Excellence - vivid colors, high definition.
• Increased Productivity - printing speed as never.
seen before.
• Total Reliability – where you need it, when you need
• Eco Sustainability – the true waterborne solution.