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SunJet Announces Approval of Its JetStream PCU Black UV LED ink for the Xaar Electron Printhead


Specially formulated to address the needs of coding and marking applications

SunJet, the inkjet ink division of Sun Chemical, in collaboration with Xaar announces the approval of its JetStream PCU black UV LED curing ink for use with Xaar Electron printheads.

The JetStream PCU series of inks have been specially formulated to address the needs of coding and marking applications by balancing long nozzle open time, high adhesion profile, remarkably fast touch dry time and exceptional resistance properties on a wide range of substrates. The ink series is available in a wide range of colours.

Xaar's piezoelectric printheads lead the field in high quality printing for a wide range of primary and secondary coding and marking applications. The Xaar Electron is a fast binary printhead that is easy to use, very reliable and delivers the highest level of letter quality print.

UV curing LED inks deliver the accepted beneficial properties of UV curing inks with the ease of integration afforded by LED lamp technology. LED lamps have reported benefits over conventional UV lamps, having a longer life than conventional arc lamps and a smaller size, so making them easier to position on production and packaging lines.

“I look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our products and discuss our collaboration with printhead partners, such as Xaar, which enables us to provide tailored solutions for both the printer makers and end applications,” Thibaut Bizeul, product manager for JetStream, said. “We aim to be the digital ink supplier of choice for coding and marking applications in China.”

“Xaar approved inks have passed Xaar's rigorous test criteria and guarantees a perfect match between SunJet inks and Xaar Electron printheads,” said Duncan Gellatly, ink sales manager for Xaar. “Our approval program offers long-term cost benefits to SunJet ink users by ensuring reliable jetting performance and optimum printhead life and quality results.”