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EFI Ships Next-Generation, 3.2 Meter Dye-Sublimation Soft Signage Printer


Eliminating the soft signage cost barrier for customers with the EFI VUTEk TX3250r

EFI announced commercial availability of the EFI VUTEk TX3250r fabric printer, enabling customers to take advantage of the demands and requirements of the growing soft signage markets. The VUTEk TX3250r printer is a new 3.2-meter, production-level solution that evolved from the first EFI industrial inkjet textile system, the VUTEk FabriVu, introduced in 2002.

With the ability to print direct to textile and transfer paper, the VUTEk TX3250r is an ideal solution to grow soft signage business with a production-level printer, or to diversify offeringd by converting traditional vinyl signage to a product with lower shipping costs, a greener footprint, easier installation and higher margins.

"The introduction of the TX3250r should help eliminate the soft signage cost barrier for our customers and enable them to capture the market for soft signage, and flags" said Scott Schinlever, senior vice president and general manager of Inkjet Solutions at EFI. "One benefit is the ability to print on textiles, opening new markets for our customers while expanding existing capabilities. EFI also focused on exceeding customer expectations for quality and reliability, as we did with the revolutionary FabriVu production quality textile printer that was launched nine years ago."

The VUTEk TX3250r uses dye sublimation technology to dye, or sublimate, fabric fibers directly, so the fabric retains the same drape and soft hand customers prefer. This method achieves brighter colors than other textile printing methods and the final product is odorless. In addition, the TX3250r enables printing on polyester, which is a non-PVC material that is considered more eco-friendly than vinyl. Final printed images produced on the TX3250r can be washed, dried, folded without leaving marks and reused. EFI VUTEk TX3250r features new, fast-drying inks for unparalleled speed up to 1800 ft2/hour.