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UV LED Curing Association Publishes UV LED Glossary of Terms


Founders Integration Technology Lumen Dynamics and Phoseon Technology announced formation of the association one month ago

UV LED Curing Association has published its inaugural UV LED Glossary of Terms. This is the organization’s first major accomplishment since founders Integration Technology Limited, Lumen Dynamics and Phoseon Technology announced the formation of the association just one month ago.

The three companies are diligently working to define and establish agreed-upon UV LED-based guidelines for UV LED curing applications. The founders believe the association’s work will have a positive impact towards enabling the adoption of UV LED technology within the printing, coating and adhesive industries.

The UV LED Glossary of Terms provides a consolidated list of curing terminology specific to ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes (LEDs) and can be found on the association’s website Curing systems made of UV LEDs as well as the technology’s use in manufacturing processes has been evolving at a steady pace since 2003, yet this is the first ever consolidated effort to document this unique language for the UV curing industry. It is the hope of the association that its glossary of terms will give potential users a better foundation with which to navigate and evaluate UV LED technology options.

The UV LED Curing Association was established to address a growing need within the market for current and potential researchers, suppliers, integrators and end users to gain a better understanding of UV LED technology and the significant benefits it brings to numerous applications. While complimentary to other existing and well established organizations, the UV LED Curing Association focuses only on UV LED curing technology and its applications. Additional information about the association and UV LED curing can be found at