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EFI Acquires Alphagraph


Becomes the leading print MIS software provider in Europe

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (EFI) announced that it has acquired privately-held alphagraph team GmbH. Alphagraph, with headquarters in Essen, Germany, is a provider of MIS/ERP (management information systems and enterprise resource planning) software products for the printing industry, including Prinance, Printy and Primus.

"We are very pleased to have Alphagraph join the EFI family and our expanding portfolio of business automation technologies. We welcome their over 6,000 customer strong install base in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and throughout the rest of the world to our large global client base," said Marc Olin, general manager of EFI's Software Applications (APPS) business unit.

"Alphagraph is very enthusiastic about the opportunity to join EFI, as they have demonstrated that they are the clear leader in business process automation software for printing companies," said Norbert Hotze, founder of Alphagraph. "It is a natural fit for our client base and we look forward to introducing them to EFI's overall support structure and portfolio of solutions."