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Vorbeck Materials, MWV Win IDTechEx Award for Printed Electronics Product Development


Innovative anti-theft packaging solution uses Vorbeck’s graphene-based conductive ink

Vorbeck Materials and MeadWestvaco Corporation, a global leader in packaging, have received the Product Development Award in Printed Electronics from IDTechEx for MWV’s Natralock with Siren technology, an innovative anti-theft packaging solution. The product uses Vorbeck’s graphene-based conductive ink, Vor-ink, in conjunction with MWV’s ground-breaking packaging solutions.

The security-smart packaging solution incorporates Vorbeck’s graphene technology to enable an on-package alarm to protect the product from theft or tampering before purchase. The award, presented by IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das, was jointly accepted by Vorbeck CEO John Lettow and MWV director of open innovation Michael Londo, at the Printed Electronics Awards dinner on Nov. 30, 2011, in Santa Clara, CA.

“We are honored to be recognized for our work in developing real-world products using our revolutionary Vor-x graphene technology,” said Lettow. “We have been extremely privileged to work with MWV, a leader in leveraging new technology to develop innovative and impactful packaging solutions.”

The unique design of Natralock with Siren Technology offers significant advantages over existing security packaging devices. Embedded technology within the package itself allows exceptional security without interfering with product branding or deterring sales by requiring products to be placed behind a locked cabinet.

Natralock with Siren technology packaging uses an on-package alarm to provide three levels of security for retailers. The alarm sounds whenever a thief attempts to:
• Leave the store with a stolen product. The system also sets off store exit security alarms, notifying security and providing the ability to easily identify and trace the stolen product.
• Remove the product from its package (to conceal the stolen item).
• Tamper with the package, product or security device.

MWV selected Vor-ink after extensive testing demonstrated Vor-ink’s high conductivity and exceptional flexibility. It was developed by MWV and Vorbeck Materials using the MWV Exchange, MWV’s web-based open innovation portal. Siren technology is the world’s first consumer product to use graphene.

Currently in the last stages of regionalized field tests, Natralock with Siren Technology is expected to appear in select retail stores in 2012.