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Stepan Introduces New Polyester Polyol for Acrylation and Formulation into Energy Curable Inks


Polyester polyol seen as key to improved ink performance

Stepan Company announced it has launched Stepanpol PC-270-01 for acrylation and formulation into UV/EB inks.

When acrylated, Stepanpol PC-270-01 gives the ink formulator the ease of incorporating higher pigment loading while reducing the level of additives usually necessary in current formulations. The ink formulator will have the flexibility to control the amount of pigment for the desired color development while simultaneously being able to improve mill productivity. In addition consistent rheological properties will enable the printers to better control their processes.

In the acrylation process, Stepanpol PC-270-01 can easily be used to achieve the desired functionality and flexibility of dialing in the appropriate viscosity for various types of printing.