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Flint Group Announces Nov. 1 Price Increases for Solvent and Water Packaging Inks in North America


Highly volatile raw material cost market drives increases

The highly volatile raw material cost market in 2011 requires Flint Group to increase prices of packaging inks in North America effective Nov. 1, 2011.

The dramatic increase in the cost of raw materials this year makes it necessary to increase the prices on both water and solvent based packaging inks. Susan Kuchta, vice president North American Packaging and Narrow Web, commented, "We have experienced cost pressure on nearly all raw materials this year. The impact of the raw material cost increase varies by color, product and technology. Therefore, price increases must also vary by color, product, and technology."

The price increase will generally range between 5% to 8%., although there may be some products which may be above or below this range due to the type and concentration of raw materials making up its composition.