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Xennia Reaches Distribution Partnership Agreement with Esmaltes S.A. for Digital Ceramic Printing


Will supply Xennia high performance inkjet inks to the ceramic industry

Xennia Technology announced that it has reached a strategic partnership agreement with Esmaltes S.A. in Castellón, Spain, market leader in ceramic frits and glazes, to supply Xennia’s high performance inkjet inks to the ceramic industry. Xennia and Esmaltes now offer a complete digital ceramic printing serviced solution, making the key benefits of digital inkjet technology – fast introduction of new designs, cost effective short runs, natural effects and excellent print quality – available to ceramic tile producers worldwide.

“Combining the expertise and inkjet ink technology of Xennia with Esmaltes’ experience in developing ceramic glazes gives an excellent synergy in the ceramic industry,” commented Arturo Lattore, Esmaltes’ commercial director. “Ceramic tile design is becoming extremely important in the industry and ceramic tile producers want to know how to achieve excellent quality designs with vibrant colors. The range of Esmaltes-Xennia co-branded ceramic inks, along with new coatings developed specifically for the Xennia inks by Esmaltes, make it possible to achieve a range of colors unimaginable until now. The vivid and intense colors obtained from Xennia’s ceramic ink have not been achieved by any ink on the market today. In addition, the inks show excellent compatibility across a range of glazes with both wall and floor tiles.”

As part of the co-marketing strategy, Esmaltes will distribute the co-branded inks into the existing installed base of ceramic systems in Europe and Asia.

“This is a great opportunity for Xennia as Esmaltes has extensive ceramics expertise and market channels into which our inks can be introduced,” explained Hannah O’Brien, Xennia’s head of solutions and systems. “Xennia and Esmaltes’ package of intense color inks together with glazes and designs provides ceramic tile producers with the complete digital ceramic printing serviced solution. Using technology from Xennia and Esmaltes, unique vibrant designs can be produced, realizing all the benefits of digital inkjet technology: fast introduction of new designs, economical short runs, reduced inventory, increased production yield and the ability to print onto thin and textured tiles.”