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DSM Powder Coating Resins, DSM NeoResins Merged into a Single New Unit


DSM sharpens strategic focus toward the coatings market

DSM announced, following an extensive strategic study, a reorganization that will see its Business Units DSM Powder Coating Resins and DSM NeoResins+ merged into a single new unit, DSM Coating Resins.

In the restructuring toward one coating resins unit, a subdivision will be made based on different market dynamics, which will be reflected in the organizational approach for these subdivisions. The new set-up is designed to help DSM effectively and efficiently grow its position as the leading specialty resins supplier for the coatings industry.

DSM Coating Resins will be headed by Patrick Niels, currently business unit director of the Powder Coating Resins unit, and will be led from Zwolle, the Netherlands. Steve Hartig, currently business unit director of DSM NeoResins+, will move to lead another unit within DSM. The changes will go into effect April 1, 2011.

“We believe our new structure makes us better placed to generating value for our customers through innovation as they strive to meet ever increasing end-user demands for sustainability and quality as well as regulatory demands. Importantly, at the same time it enables us to take steps towards sustainably increasing the financial returns on our activities which is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled for us to be able to continue to invest in these long-term industry trends,” said Mr. Niels.