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North America: Flint Group Announces Price Increases on Newspaper and Directory Inks

Published April 29, 2011
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Flint Group North America has announced price increases on color and black inks used in conventional newspaper and directory printing. New prices take effect May 1, 2011, subject to existing contracts:
• Black lithographic and flexographic newspaper and directory inks: 8%
• Color lithographic and flexographic newspaper and directory inks: 6%

“The raw materials used to make newspaper inks have experienced very significant increases in global demand,” noted Norm Harbin, business director, newspaper inks. “Competing industries, including tires, for example, are more attractive for many raw material suppliers. And growing markets like China are absorbing a much larger portion of the available supply. Spiking crude oil costs are a strong cost driver as well, but just one of many.”

“Flint Group has the supply we need to meet customers’ anticipated needs,” confirmed Diane Parisi, vice president supply chain management and winner of NAPIM’s 2011 Ault Award. “Customers will get the same quality inks they have always relied on, though raw material trends make those products more costly for Flint Group to manufacture.”

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