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Effects of the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake (Third Report) Situation Concerning Offset Inks Reported by Toyo Ink


Production, procurement are impacted by the tragic earthquake

Toyo Ink wishes to express its heartfelt sympathy to the victims of the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake. This release provides information, as of the time of writing, on the impact of this quake on the situation and outlook regarding Toyo Ink Group offset inks.

1. 1. Production facilities for offset inks
1. (1) Operation at sheetfed ink production facilities has already resumed.
2. (2) A total of 70% of the offset print ink production facilities have now recovered, and Toyo Inks expect full recovery by the end of April.
3. (3) There are no problems concerning UV ink production facilities.

2. 2. Procurement of resins and other offset ink production materials
Difficulties are being seen in procuring some of the materials needed for the production of sheetfed, offset and newspaper inks due to damage sustained by chemical manufacturers. Toyo Ink is investigating procurement from overseas sources, and has also concluded its studies on the application of alternative resins, and are now in a position to respond to this issue.

3. 3. Production decline caused by rolling blackouts
Rolling blackouts do not simply mean shorter operating hours. Ink manufacturing requires continuous operation to a certain degree, and some resins that become materials for ink production require continuous 24-hour operation for their synthesis. Though Toyo Ink is coping with changing work shifts, there is concern about falling production capacity.

Production plants of UV inks is not affected since they lay outside the area of rolling blackouts.