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Intrinsiq Materials Launches Innovative Screen Print Copper Ink Initially for Paper Substrates


Intrinsiq CP low temperature copper nanoparticle-based ink designed for printed electronics applications

With immediate availability, Intrinsiq Materials announces the launch of ‘Intrinsiq CP, a prototype, stable, cost effective 80wt% copper screen print ink formulation designed for photonic curing at room temperature in air.

The ink is the latest in a range of ink formulations utilising Intrinsiq’s novel nanoparticle technology and designed for photonic curing in air at room temperature. The first product is CP-001, primarily for use on paper substrates. CP formulations optimized for other substrates will be announced later in the year. Conductivities and performance are typically comparable with commercially available silver pastes.

Pack sizes ranging from 50g upwards can be purchased directly from Intrinsiq Materials, Farnborough.

“Following the launch of our CI-002 nanoparticle copper inkjet ink last year, we have been overwhelmed with requests for a comparable screen print version utilising the same generic technology,” said Ian Clark, sales and marketing director,. “The result is CP. Numerous potential end users are already assessing trial quantities in security, RFID and smart packaging applications and we expect commercial applications to be realised within the next few months.”

Richard Dixon, Intrinsiq UK’s MD, led the team that developed CP. “Although utilizing the same generic technology as our inkjet ink, CP is a very different formulation but benefits from the same advantages, primarily the ability to cure the ink in air at room temperature and thus utilise cost effective low temperature substrates,” Dixon said.

Larger production quantities will be available from late 2011 as production scaling is implemented at Intrinsiq’s new Rochester NY facility.

A data sheet is available and Intrinsiq’s technical team is on hand to answer queries relating to the printing and photonic curing of the new ink. Custom ink formulations are also possible and functionalised nanoparticles are available for customers who wish to formulate their own inks. Intrinsiq CP copper screen print ink, along with Intrinsiq CI copper inkjet ink, are the first in a range of novel conductive inks, with additional inks under development that will see the launch of nanoparticle nickel, aluminium and silicon and other formulations in 2011 and beyond.