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Xenon Corporation Triples Facility Space to Position Company for Dramatic Growth


Sharply increases the company’s manufacturing, engineering and office space

Xenon Corporation, formerly based in Woburn, MA has moved to a new corporate facility that sharply increases the company’s manufacturing, engineering and office space.

“The move signals a visible sign of growth for Xenon Corporation,” stated CEO Louis R. Panico, “and it positions us for dramatic growth in sales.”

According to Panico, the Wilmington site was chosen for its outstanding location in a growing industrial complex that offers convenient access to airports, Interstate 93 and to the extensive technical and scientific resources located around the Boston area.

Panico explains that the tight space in the company’s former corporate home was limiting production capability. To maintain business momentum and to keep company growth goals on track, the move was mandated. In addition to the increased manufacturing and engineering space, the attractive, new corporate headquarters is customer-centric; it is equipped with a “problem-solving” laboratory where customers may view Xenon systems performing special testing, with their products demonstrating the unique capabilities of pulsed UV light technology.

“Since 1964, Xenon has been working closely with customers to develop solutions to their processing problems that other curing and sterilization technologies cannot achieve,” Panico said. Asked about Xenon’s strategy to continue its growth, Panico added, “We are developing partnerships with the pharmaceutical and medical device industries; these markets have shown great interest in replacing less effective, continuous wave UV light techniques with the lower energy and environmentally safe pulsed UV technology that Xenon has pioneered.

“Our customers look to Xenon to provide expertise in UV light technology, and they trust us to build the very best equipment for their varied needs,” he added.

Xenon Corporation has long been a leading manufacturer of pulsed ultraviolet lamps and systems and has become one of the largest suppliers to the CD and DVD curing industry. But within the past several years, the company has made impressive new market entries into the fields of semiconductor, hard disk drives and sterilization.

Some of the credit for these successful market inroads is due to the environmental safety of Xenon-developed technology. Xenon’s pulsed UV lamps are mercury free and consume less energy than competing systems. Moreover, Xenon’s systems have been shown to increase manufacturing throughput in demanding 24/7 production systems.

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