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Sun Chemical Hosts Food Packaging Safety Seminar


Hosted in conjunction with the Carton Manufacturer’s Assocation in Spain

This week, Sun Chemical hosted a seminar in conjunction with the Carton Manufacturer’s Assocation in Spain, Aspack, in order to support carton package manufacturers and help their understanding of key issues around food packaging safety.

Expert speakers, such as Carlos de la Cru of Nestle, Rachida Semail of Keller & Heckman, Jan Cardon of ECMA and Joanna Stephenson of Sun Chemical addressed topics such as brand owner and carton manufacturer responsibilities in safe food packaging design and production as well as the current state of European food packaging legislation.

This provided carton package manufacturers with an up-to-date insight to the challenges faced as well as the best way forward. The speakers represent an industry which is committed to legislation compliance as well as the creation of a new business model which will drive the way forward in order to remain a key player in the packaging market.

With more than 60 attendees, the seminar was a much needed and very well received event. Several attendees commented that there are many pitfalls and challenges around the production of food packaging and this seminar helped them to understand the facts rather than the rumors. Many now see opportunities for the carton packaging industry rather than challenges only.

“This event allowed carton packaging manufacturers to understand and discuss all issues around this hot topic,” Maria Montero, marketing manager Iberia for Sun Chemical said. “Its success shows that there is a great need for better communication around food p ackaging safety and compliance, so Sun Chemical will continue to provide support and dedicated solutions.”