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Latin America: Flint Group Announces Ink and Chemistry Prices Increases for Print Media and Packaging


Flint Group has incurred significant cost increases in pigments, oils, solvents and various intermediates

The global economy has started to emerge from the recession, increasing the demand of raw materials in the market, and putting an enormous amount of pressure on a supply chain that has rationalized and/or shifted capacity to adapt to the world economic crisis.

Flint Group has incurred significant cost increases in pigments, oils, solvents and various intermediates used to make inks.

Flint Group Latin America has announced price increases on certain printing inks and pressroom chemistry sold in all countries of the Latin American region.

Prices will increase on inks, overprint varnishes and pressroom chemistry as follows, effective February 1, 2011:

Liquid Packaging Inks:
• All whites up to 10%, depending on technology
• Solvent colors up to 8%

Specific increases for the above products, as well as for nitrocellulose-based clears, other solvent-based clear formulations, and all violet colors will be communicated individually to customers depending on formula make-up and technology.

Print Media Inks:
• Sheefted conventional 8%
• Heatset process 10%
• Heatset blends, metallics, fluorescents and OPVs 12%
• Coldset 9%

Print Media Chemicals:
• Spray powders 8 – 15%
• Press washes 8 – 12%
• Web conditioners 6 – 10%
• Fountain solutions 5 – 8%
• Aerosols 8 – 15%

As Claudio Labbé, president, Latin America, explained, “In the last few years, the cost increase of raw materials, added to the lack of stability in supply, has impacted dramatically on our printing industry. Therefore, following the increases announced by our subsidiaries in the rest of the world, we are taking a similar action for our region."

While Flint Group will continue to take strong measures to maintain a steady supply of the necessary raw materials, the company cannot completely absorb the cost increases we have incurred. It recognizes the impact this will have on their customers’ business and, therefore, will continue to work on developing new formulations that will help reduce costs.