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EFI Scores a Swift Century with its VUTEk GS Series Grand Format Production Printer


UK display specialist's third UV-curable VUTEk represents EFI's milestone for industry-leading products

EFI celebrated the sale of its 100th VUTEk GS Series grand format printer, as Leeds-based Quarmby Colour's decided to purchase a GS3200, 3.2 m UV-curable flatbed and roll-to-roll hybrid solution. This enterprising company, which already owns two VUTEk QS2000 machines, opted for eight colors plus white ink to extend its existing production capabilities and grow its position as a leading UK display producer.

A family-owned and run business that was formed back in 1994, Quarmby Colour produces an extremely diverse portfolio of display applications, ranging from outdoor and indoor retail and event advertising, point-of-sale, exhibition graphics and wallpapers. Additionally, the company specializes in the creation of bespoke sets and backdrops for film and television, all of which are printed digitally using only its VUTEk grand format printers.

As the first wide-format print specialist to install two VUTEk QS2000 UV-curable printers, Quarmby Colour's decision to invest in the GS3200 was based on the system's high quality, fast throughput and quick and easy change-over when different types of jobs are being produced. The company admits to looking at alternative options, but quickly realized that the EFI VUTEk combination of high standards of output, excellent ink adhesion, versatility and reliability couldn't be bettered.

Since EFI launched its VUTEk GS3200 printers last year, the adoption by display producers wanting exacting levels of efficiency, plus high throughput rates across all types of rigid substrates and roll-fed materials, has exceeded expectations. With maximum speeds of 233 square m/hour and photorealistic quality at a true resolution of 1000 dpi, these 3.2 m machines are now used worldwide by businesses wanting a fast return on investment while benefiting from greater productivity and time efficiencies on all run lengths, from one-offs to multiple prints.

"We were looking for reliability, versatility, high-quality and high-speed in our search for our first 3 meter printer," said Damian Quarmby, director of Quarmby Colour. "It also was vital for us to have a solution where changing from flatbed to roll-fed and back again was quick and easy, enabling us to move from one job to the next swiftly and smoothly. The GS3200 was the logical choice in terms of capability, quality and productivity. We expect to meet our customers' demands for wider-format capabilities to produce television and movie backdrops, for example."

The VUTEk GS Series is also making its mark with users and end customers seeking greener solutions in their printed output. By removing non-environmentally friendly elements from the overall production process, display specialists can offer direct-to-substrate solutions which don't need additional laminating or adhesives. Its UV-curable eight-color ink-set plus white are formulated to optimize both quality and durability, and are VOC free. The configuration can be switched to VUTEk's Fast-4 mode when four-color print is required at even higher throughput rates.

"The swift adoption by print service providers worldwide endorses the powerful capabilities of our top-of-the-line VUTEk GS Series printers, helping companies make the move from analog to time saving and energy efficient digital production," stated Frank Mallozzi, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, EFI. "I'm thrilled, but not surprised, that we have achieved our 100th sale of the GS Series so quickly. In combination with our EFI Fiery XF RIP solution and our own UV-curable seventh generation inks, these innovative machines are helping users to grow their businesses with guaranteed color-accurate, durable and vibrant results across all types of media."