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Xennia Announces Plans to Acquire Cametrics


Will further the capabilities and integration of Xennia’s module portfolio

Xennia Technology Ltd. announced the planned acquisition of the specialized digital printing software company Cametrics from the UK, furthering the capabilities and integration of its module portfolio. The companies have agreed on the most important terms, subject to due diligence the acquisition will be completed within the next few months. 

Xennia’s modular approach makes inkjet implementation more straightforward for OEMs in key industrial applications such as ceramics, glass, textiles, packaging and product decoration.

XenJet Cygnus, Xennia’s print software module, provides a ‘printer manager’ capable of running all modules of the printing system, including the print engine, fluid controllers, maintenance, motion and UV.

Cygnus prints image files in any standard image format and handles variable data, such as barcodes and serial numbers, which change from print to print.

Cygnus is based around Cametrics’ iXpressia PrintEngine product, which supports image input in standard file formats, ICC colour management, raster image processing (RIP), print swath generation and variable image elements.

“We have been working very successfully with Cametrics for a number of years,” Dr. Alan Hudd, Xennia’s managing director, said. “Their software is the best inkjet printing software on the market and is a pivotal element of our inkjet printing systems and modules. We look forward to joining forces to supply the seamlessly integrated industrial modules the industry has been waiting for. OEM partners and their end customers can use these modules to transform their inkjet ideas into production reality, increasing responsiveness, efficiency and profitability.” 

“This deal is an excellent outcome for Cametrics and for the inkjet industry,” Cametrics managing director Dr. Jim Taylor commented. “We will continue to support all existing Cametrics customers and we are delighted to join Xennia’s world class inkjet team.”