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Hamamatsu Introduces a New Light Source for UV Curing of Adhesives, Radcure Coatings, and UV Inks

Published August 3, 2010
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Hamamatsu’s new Lightningcure LC-L3 series is a UV light source for fast UV curing of UV adhesives, UV/radcure coatings, and UV inks. This light source features 9 long-lasting light emitting diodes (LED) that generate stable, high-intensity UV light to ensure rapid curing with minimal thermal effects. Depending on the model, the LC-L3 emits UV light at 365 nm with 250 mW/cm2 intensity or at 385 nm with 325 mW/cm2 intensity.

Special features of the LC-L3 include individually programmable LEDs. On/off switching and light level adjustments can be controlled on each LED, allowing the creation of tailored profiles for added flexibility. For even more flexibility, multiple LC-L3 units can be combined to irradiate large areas or a linear area.

To view full technical specifications, please download the product datasheet from Information on pricing and delivery can be obtained by calling Hamamatsu Corporation at 1-800-524-0504.

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