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IGT Testing Systems, Testprint BV Reach Agreement for International Cooperation


Will offer complete product range, a high level of product expertise and technical support to the international market

IGT Testing Systems and Testprint BV announced that they have reached an agreement for international cooperation.

Both companies have been active in the paper, ink, printing and allied industries for a very long time and their respective products and services have gained an excellent reputation worldwide. IGT Testing Systems and Testprint formed a powerful alliance in the period 1966-1994 when both companies represented each other’s product line in different parts of the world.

After both companies were placed under new ownership in 1993 and 1994, respectively, the alliance was discontinued and both IGT Testing Systems and Testprint concentrated on their own expertise and markets independently.

Due to the globalization and liberalization of international trade in the markets served by both companies, they believe that their clients can greatly benefit from the synergy which will be the result of uniting forces again.

“During the past 15 years we have further expanded on our expertise in printability testing and we have initiated new developments and applications for printers,the ink and paper industry and their suppliers,” said Wilco de Groot of IGT Testing Systems. “Moreover, we built a well established worldwide distributor and service network in addition to our own offices in Japan, Singapore and the USA. We feel that the combined product range and our specific expertise in the application of methods will offer a tremendous advantage to our joined customer base. In addition to that, our organizations can make more efficient use of human and material resources which will translate in meeting market demands faster and more cost effective while safeguarding high quality.”

“We used the past decade to develop a number of innovative test systems for use in the manufacture of printing ink, paper and raw materials,” added Sander Lenten of Testprint BV. “We have further specialized in upgrading projects, technical service and training. We were looking into possibilities of teaming up with a partner with a well established distributor and service network, in order to provide customers from every corner of the world access to our extensive expertise and new technologies. Uniting forces with IGT again was a logical choice, especially because our portfolio of products and expertise has become more complementary than ever before. The synergetic advantage of our cooperation lies in the fact that we offer one window for technical support and service for a wide range of products. I am sure that our customers will appreciate the results of this exciting combination.”