Last Updated Wednesday, October 7 2015

XSER Coatings LLC Enters UV Curable Coatings Market

Published February 15, 2010
XSER Coatings LLC has announced its entry as a new player in the UV curable coatings market. XSER Coatings was started by John K. Braddock in New Brunswick, NJ to provide specialty UV coatings for a wide variety of end-use markets. Their lab personnel all have more than 20 years experience formulating UV curable coatings, hold multiple patents and have written more than 30 technical papers.

XSER Coatings' focus is on the specialty UV coatings market, specifically for natural stone and concrete countertops, composite applications, field applied wood and VCT tile coatings, specialty metal and specialty plastic coatings. XSER Coatings will also custom formulate for any application.

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