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ALTANA Acquires Business of Aquaprint


Primarily produces coatings for in-mold labels and other labels as well as water-borne OPVs

ALTANA has signed an agreement to acquire the business of Aquaprint GmbH. The company, which is based in Oyten, Lower Saxony, Germany, primarily produces coatings for in-mold labels and other labels as well as water-borne overprint varnishes for use on paper, cardboard and foils.

By way of an asset deal, ALTANA mainly acquires Aquaprint’s customers and know-how, as well as its machinery, plants and inventories.

Within the ALTANA Group, Aquaprint will be incorporated into the ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants division, where it will be fully integrated into ACTEGA Terra GmbH, Lehrte.

“Bolt-on acquisitions like Aquaprint make an important contribution to further consolidate the position of ALTANA in attractive and fast-growing niche markets,” stated Dr. Matthias Wolfgruber, CEO of ALTANA AG. He pointed out that the field of packaging with its strong end-user orientation and high resistance to crises is an important market of the future for ALTANA to further optimize the company’s product portfolio.

“Through the acquisition of the business of Aquaprint, we strengthen ACTEGA’s position with coatings and printing inks, in particular in the field of packaging,” said Dr. Guido Forstbach, president, Division Coatings & Sealants. He added that the newly acquired business could be excellently integrated into the existing graphic arts activities and that it underlined ACTEGA‘s role as a leading, innovative supplier of solutions for the printing and packaging industry.

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