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Cognis Increasing Prices for All Photomer, Bisomer Brand Products

Published February 24, 2010
Cognis Corporation is increasing prices for all Photomer and Bisomer brand products. The costs for raw materials in the acrylic and methacrylic chain have gone up amid a firming supply environment.

Effective March 15 or as contracts allow, the list and off list price increase for Photomer and Bisomer productsare as follows:

• Photomer 3000 series epoxy acrylates: $0.13/lb.
• Photomer 4000/8000 series monomer acrylates: $0.14/lb.
• Photomer 5000 series polyester acrylates: $0.12/lb.
• Photomer 6000 series urethane acrylates: $0.12/lb.
• Bisomer HEMA, Bisomer HPMA methacrylate monomers, all grades: $0.15/lb.
• All other Bisomer products Adducts, multifunctional monomers and oligomers: $0.12/lb.

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