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American Ink Jet Releases Inks for HP Z6100 Printers

February 24, 2010

Answers market demand for a solution for remanufacturing and recycling the HP No. 91 cartridges

American Ink Jet Corporation (AIJC) announces the availability of their new ink set for use in the HP Designjet Z6100 printer. The new ink answers market demand for a solution for remanufacturing and recycling the HP No. 91 cartridges as AIJC continues to expand its line of compatible inks for the wide format digital imaging market. The new ink meets all the high quality standards AIJC sets for all of its inks. AIJC’s new 8-color ink set meets OEM standards for color, density, printhead life, image permanence and overall quality of output.

“The Z6100 is one of the top quality high production printers on the market right now, so the market really needs a premium quality ink solution,” stated Michael Andreottola, founder and CEO of American Ink Jet. “Making the best quality ink for the most difficult of printers is exactly what we have always been able to do better than anyone else. The bottom line is customers that use our ink will save a lot of money without sacrificing quality, and that is going to be a huge help in these tough economic times.”

AIJ uses a proprietary sub-micron purification and filtration process to filter inks to less than .5 microns resulting in high quality, trouble free inks. AIJ’s new inks are a “plug and play” solution meaning users do not need to adjust for color or flush existing OEM ink from their printer prior to installing cartridges filled with AIJ inks. The new ink set has been tested with all major media types including coated papers, micro-porous photo papers, tyvek, vinyl, canvas and fine art papers.

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