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Flint Group Narrow Web Introduces Flexocure FORCE

Published October 30, 2009
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Flint Group announced the world introduction of Flexocure FORCE – the milestone development in UV flexo technology that will enable printers to take another step in print quality, improved mileage and press performance. With much easier handling due to lower viscosity and no foaming, greater adhesion to a wider range of substrates and improved performance on many variable printing techniques - Flexocure FORCE covers everything a label and narrow web printer needs today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.

Inks play an essential role in achieving optimal printing results and, at the same time, provides advantages on operational costs, as great inks impact the whole print process with good uptime and low waste. All are clear benefits for improved profitability for any label printer, and the launch of Flexocure FORCE is further proof that Flint Group Narrow Web are masters at incorporating these aspects in their ink formulations.

“As an integral part of developing new products we have a clear customer focus and always involve leading quality minded converters in the development process,” said Par Olsson, Flint Group’s product manager for UV inks. “They are asked to explain and exemplify prior to the project what properties and parameters they are missing in the market, and after we have listed all parameters our researchers start to build the technology that can provide solutions for them.

“Naturally we close the loop by getting these parameters verified and controlled by the same clients by offering them beta test opportunities prior to the commercialization of any of these products,” Mr. Olsson said. “With regards to results from the BETA test of Flexocure FORCE, we did get an overwhelmingly positive response with literally 100% of the customer feedback reporting clear improved properties from printability and adhesion to press performance. Obviously we are very pleased that we have managed to exceed the ambitious target of improving on all of the identified properties. It is clear that Flexocure FORCE will provide great power to the printer.”

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