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Univar Launches New Range of Vinyl Resins Throughout Europe


Univar announced that it will be marketing a comprehensive new range of solution vinyl resins under the Univar proprietary grade name. A global agreement with two new producers means that the range will be available worldwide.
Following the withdrawal of a major vinyl resins producer from the market, Univar has been using its global sourcing capabilities to ensure the supply of these important industrial resins to customers. Univar’s portfolio of resins includes:
• The Solution Vinyl Resins UY series that are vinyl chloride/vinyl Acetate copolymers.
• The Solution Vinyl Resins UM series that are modified vinyl chloride/vinyl acetate copolymers.
• The Solution Vinyl Resins UA series that are hydroxyl modified vinyl chloride/vinyl acetate copolymers.
“We are extremely happy with this new range of products. They have outstanding properties and have for many years been the resin of choice for a number of demanding industrial coatings formulations,” commented Marc Démoulin, Univar’s supplier director, EMEA. “Introducing new products to the market place is consistent with our growth strategy and allows us to further create value for our customers by broadening our product portfolio.”
The resins are provided as white powders and form thin films by solvent evaporation. They feature good strength, durable flexibility and resistance to wear and tear, water, chemicals, oil, diluted acids, alkalis, hydrocarbon solvents, alcohols, and salt solutions.