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Prisco, TRESU Announce Strategic Alliance


On Sept. 15, 2009, Printers’ Service (Prisco), of Newark, NJ, and TRESU A/S of Bjert, Denmark and TRESU Royse Inc., announced a strategic alliance to sell coating systems for printing presses throughout the U.S.         The alliance will have synergy for both Prisco and TRESU Royse by combining TRESU’s knowledge of coating systems and applications combined with Prisco’s own coatings, expertise, and extensive distribution network.

Prisco is a manufacturer and supplier of pressroom products such as blankets, fountain concentrates, solvents, adhesives and pressroom process control equipment. Prisco also offers aqueous and UV coatings, and is a distributor of HP Scitex and Agfa wide- and super-wide format inkjet systems.
TRESU Royse is the world’s largest manufacturer of chambered doctor blade systems and other ancillary equipment and devices

The strategic alliance pairs the two companies in the area of coating systems, applications and coatings products, and provides printers with highly engineered solutions and expertise designed to increase printers’ capabilities and to optimize the performance of their coating equipment.