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CRI Announces Expansion of Narrow Web Ink Blending to Southern California


Offers faster, localized service to narrow web converters and printers

Color Resolutions International (CRI) announces the expansion of their narrow web ink blending to their Southern California (La Verne) U.S. facility. This expansion will permit new and existing narrow web converters and printers speedy same day or next day delivery or pick up.

“Due to the demand for CRI inks and coatings, we are now making our narrow web systems locally,” said Dave Barker, vice president of business development, who is heading up this expansion. They include:

• Profector Plus, a balanced ink system that provides strong color, excellent rewettability and runnability and
widely used on narrow web substrates including PVC and PETG shrink films.
• Poly Pro inks, the right inks for the right films.
• ProTherm ink systems, one ink system that works well with direct or indirect thermal imaging.
• UV Coatings, gloss and matte.

Louis DiMartino, Mike Miller and Moises Jimenez, CRI’s technical specialists in Southern California, are available for expert assistance in meeting ever-increasing customer challenges.

“Having localized service is just another way CRI is helping to improve cost efficiencies for our customers,” explained Michael Hoft, CRI’s narrow web product manager.

George Sickinger, president and CEO of CRI, added, “We help customers achieve top quality printing and better profit margins on every press run.”