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Sun Chemical Previews Solutions for Print 09


SmartColour Global Shade Library (GSL) is among the highlights

At Print ’09, Sun Chemical will show how its products and services can meet the specific goals and needs of customers, whether they are looking for ways to meet the changing demands for sustainability or searching for answers about how to deliver the right colors on their printed materials faster.

“No printing business is exactly like another and their needs vary considerably, but they all have one thing in common—they expect their ink provider to be a valued partner that supplies them with reliable answers that are specifically for their needs and help their bottom lines,” said Rudi Lenz, CEO of Sun Chemical. “During Print ’09, Sun Chemical will show how we work with customers to provide the right products and services that help meet their productivity and sustainability goals.”

Commercial printers responsible for the printing of corporate brochures, annual reports, POP displays, packaging and other printed materials that require exact specifications for global brand colors, will be introduced to SmartColour Global Shade Library (GSL), Sun Chemical’s database of more than 100,000 formulations of real ink colors for the print marketplace.

SmartColour was first introduced to the prepress and design markets to allow brand owners and designers the ability to predict how their brand spot colors will reproduce on a wide variety of print processes and substrates. Now with SmartColour Global Shade Library, commercial printers will have access to Sun Chemical’s database of colors to increase both their speed to and accuracy of ink color.

Representatives from Sun Chemical will be on hand at Sun Chemical’s booth 3417 and the Pitman Company’s booth 4446 to discuss the new SmartColour Global Shade Library throughout Print ‘09. The Pitman Company carries Sun Chemical’s full line of commercial inks, and jointly with Sun Chemical, provides customers with technical and product support.

Booth visitors will have an opportunity to obtain an initial energy carbon footprint for their facility operations. The energy carbon footprint will serve as a starting point for visitors to understand their impact on the environment and a way to learn how Sun Chemical’s SunCare Environmental Services is aimed at helping printers and customers make smart environmental decisions that work to improve overall quality and productivity. In order to learn how “green” they are, participants must be able to provide an estimate of their average monthly energy usage.

SunCare Environmental Services combines Sun Chemical’s 160 years of experience in the graphic arts industry with ENVIRON International Corporation’s environmental and regulatory expertise to offer unparalleled environmental, health and safety, and risk management assistance to the graphic arts industry.