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SGP Partnership Announces BCM Inks Joins SGP Patron Program


BCM Inks is the first ink company to join as an SGP Patron

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership welcomes the addition of BCM Inks to the SGP Patron program as a Bronze Patron. BCM Inks is the first ink company to join as an SGP Patron, and joins numerous other companies that have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability by becoming an SGP Patron.

"As a company committed to sustainable initiatives, we are pleased to be associated with SGP,” said Robert Callif, vice president of BCM Inks.

The Sustainable Green Printing PartnershipSM is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging and promoting participation in the worldwide movement to reduce the environmental impact and increase the social responsibility of the print and graphic communication industry through sustainable green printing practices. Through the generous support of philanthropic companies like BCM Inks, the SGP Partnership is able to keep fees low for printers to participate in the program.

For more information about the SGP Partnership, the SGP Patron program, the SGP Printer certification process and BCM inks, visit or contact Karen Gross, executive director, at

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