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Hydrite Gets Rights to Lucidene and Morcryl Lines from Rohm and Haas


There have been plenty of changes among suppliers to the ink industry in recent years, and quite a few key products have disappeared from the market. Thanks to an agreement with Rohm and Haas, Hydrite Chemical Co. is making sure that the Lucidene emulsions and Morcryl resins won’t be among them.
Effective April 1, 2009 Hydrite has the rights to manufacture, market and sell the Lucidene and Morcryl product lines to the graphic arts and overprint varnish markets in North America. Terry Chomniak, business development manager for Hydrite Chemical Co., said that the products will be manufactured at the company’s organic processing facility in Cottage Grove, WI.
It’s an ideal fit for Hydrite: Established in 1929, Hydrite is a diversified privately-held chemical company with national reach. Hydrite’s business units include chemical manufacturing, distribution into the industrial, food and pulp and paper markets.  Hydrite also has a fill-line of defoamers called Suppressors that are used in the paint, coatings and ink markets.
“We have been in a business relationship with Rohm and Haas since the early 1990s,” Mr. Chomniak said. “This is working out nicely for us. We looked at how this fits in with our other business units, and this opens up doors for our defoamers. We already have had new customers ask us to supply them with our other products. We’re a small family-owned company, and our customers tell us it’s like a breath of fresh air.”
To best serve the old Rohm and Haas lines, Hydrite has brought on Holly Anderson, a longtime Rohm and Haas sales account executive. Ms. Anderson will be responsible for technical service as well as major key accounts.
“Holly gives us instant credibility in the market,” said Mr. Chomniak.
“We are very serious about the graphic arts market,” Mr. Chomniak added. “This is a great opportunity for us. What separates us is our flexibility. We are able to meet the specific needs of our customers in a short time. We can stop and turn on a dime.”