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Van Son Announces Availability of Environmental Logo for Vs Zero Ink Users


Green label helps printers promote use of sustainable printing practices

Van Son Holland Ink Corporation announced the availability of its Environmental Ink Logo to support customers’ promotion of eco-friendly applications. Printers who employ Van Son’s new Vs Zero ink in their print process may use the logo on all materials made with the ink to achieve supplier and customer recognition for environmentally-friendly printing practices. The Vs Zero ink is 100% VOC free, and contains no petroleum solvents or mineral oils. Additionally, Vs Zero is DIN ISO 2846-1 compliant, offering printers the optimal preconditions to achieve G7 certification.

“Lessening the environmental impact of the print process is in increasing demand,” said John Bendowski, national sales manager for Van Son. “Printers using Van Son’s Environmental Ink Logo to demonstrate to their customer base a dedication to environmentally-conscious business practices is good for business as well as the environment.”