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Coating & Ink Research Institute Hosts Open House


Demonstrations of high tech printing-related test equipment from Testprint will be among the highlights of an open house at the Coating and Ink Research Institute (CIRI) in Bethlehem, PA on Wednesday, April 15.
The equipment will expand the range of testing the Institute provides to help printers, packaging firms, manufacturers of ink, fountain solution, paper, film, presses and press accessories who are seeking ways to make their products and processes more productive, cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
The Institute, originally at Lehigh University, moved to Northampton Community College in 2005. The Institute’s specialties, according to lead scientist Jean Lavelle, include providing clients with diagnosis and solutions for printing problems, facilitating experiments with new materials and manufacturing processes without shutting down production, and demonstrating before purchase, that large expenditures will pay off.
Guests at the open house will have the opportunity to tour the Institute’s new labs in Northampton's Fowler Family Southside Center and to hear presentations by some of the world's leading experts in printing research ranging from challenges facing offset printing, switching to UV and EB cure inks and integrating ink jet.                 
The Institute’s equipment that will be demonstrated includes:
• Proof printers for offset, gravure, flexographic and screen process
• Rheometers and viscometers to characterize inks
• UV, EB and conventional ink curing/drying equipment
• Dispersion equipment for ink preparation and characterization of degree of dispersion
• Print quality characterization including color, gloss, chemical and abrasion resistance.
For information on the open house, contact Brenda Weppel at 610-861-5088 or