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Trust Chem USA Is Established


Li Zhi of Trust Chem, the world's largest independent supplier of Chinese-made organic pigment, has announced the establishment of Trust Chem USA (TCU). Trust Chem has sold its pigment in the U.S. through private label distribution.
Rick Campbell, general manager of TCU, said they will now be able to offer the same quality pigment with the cost advantage of buying direct from U.S.-based inventory.  
Trust Chem supplies to their customers throughout the world from their own joint venture factories and from a large number of the leading pigment factories in China. Many of the pigments are made to the Trust Chem specifications and developed and tested in Trust Chem’s lab, the largest organic pigment lab in China. Trust Chem is one of a very few Chinese sources who has stated they will fully register a wide range of organic pigments in the European Union REACH program.
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