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Nazdar Rolls Out New Product Labels


Nazdar  announces a new standardized labeling system that will improve efficiency, meet regulatory and language requirements in multiple countries and provide lower environmental impact.

Beginning late in 2008, re-designed product labels were introduced for all digital inks manufactured in the Shawnee, KS facility. The UV and flexo inks are being changed over currently and should be completed by late February 2009. The final product labels to be changed will be the solvent inks by mid-2009.

“The new design streamlines our labeling process,” according to Erik Reed, manager of regulatory compliance. “By eliminating hundreds of unique labels, we are using less paper and making it easier for customers to get the information they need. Our new system allows us to produce labels meeting regulatory requirements in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe and has the choice of 12 different languages. Additionally, for our solvent inks, we will be able to reduce our label size by 65 percent.