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New Match for Roland Printers: Fourth Generation BioMG Environmentally Friendly Inks from Megaink Digital


Megaink Digital AS, a member of INX Digital, the digital arm of INX International Ink Co., today announced the global availability of fourth generation OEM color-matched BioMG inks for the Roland® SJ line of printers.

BioMG inks are made from renewable resources and have gained rapid acceptance since being introduced to the marketplace more than a year ago.  Superb printability, high alcohol and scratch resistance are key features often cited by users, in addition to BioMG inks’ environmental advantages.  The newest generation inks have been modified to offer low odor benefits.

“Our new, 4G BioMG color-matched formulations now enable Roland owners to use their existing OEM ICC files,” said Avi Bukai, Megaink Digital director of business development.  “The inks are fully compatible with Roland technology.  Customers don’t even need to flush their system when converting to BioMG inks from the OEM inks.“

In addition to making conversion quicker and smoother, these advanced-formula BioMG ink advantages also minimize expenditures, Bukai pointed out.  Customers don’t have to buy flushing kits, nor must they convert all colors at once.  There is no need to have technicians and color management engineers create new ICC files.

Although OEM-compatible inks are a Megaink Digital forte, “these custom-tailored fourth generation BioMG inks for Roland printers take compatibility to the next level while creating brilliant images with extraordinary outdoor color durability,” said Andrej Keblusek, managing director for Megaink Digital AS.  “We are very pleased with overall customer acceptance of BioMG inks and their ability to mix and match.  We will continue to develop advanced-generation options for Roland SJ and other printers.”