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Sun Chemical Collaborates with Leader in Deposition Printing


Sun Chemical has agreed to a deal with Cambridge-based digital print specialist, Tonejet, to manufacture and supply inks to Tonejet’s first customer, leading beverage can manufacturer, Ball Packaging Europe.
Tonejet’s innovative, drop-on-demand digital print engine is currently being introduced into the fabrication process at Ball’s production plant in Germany. This cost-effective solution can digitally print directly on to a vast array of materials, including beverage cans. Sun Chemical manufactures and supplies specialty inks for this unique process.
“We pride ourselves in delivering ink and pigments of the highest quality and this will compliment the excellence of Tonejet’s digital print process,” said John Law, managing director at Sun Chemical. “It is exciting to be a part of this digital revolution which will maximize the impact of the cans that are produced by manufacturers like Ball, making its cans stand out in a demanding marketplace.”
“Sun Chemical’s expert knowledge of ink manufacture and supply will complement our existing process,” said Ray Southam, CEO of Tonejet. “By partnering with Sun Chemical we are able to offer our customers the absolute best in ink quality, which when combined with our digital print process will give them the ability to create consumer product packaging with a level of detail and personalization which has never been possible before.”