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Central Ink Corporation Launches New web site


Central Ink Corporation announced the launch of its new web site,

The new features a user-friendly Flash interface that makes it easy for site visitors to find detailed information about the company’s many ink products, press blankets, and services, including the Mobile Diagnostic System, which helps CIC customers improve printing performance.  The new “Ink Mileage” section of the site provides helpful information for printers needing to estimate ink quantities and requirements for specific jobs.

Along with information concerning OSHA, shipping of hazardous materials, and Safety FAQs, the site’s Health & Safety section also offers complete PDF files of MSDS providing the latest information regarding the ingredients, correct handling, and the physical/chemical properties of any products purchased from CIC.  The “Forms” section of the site provides downloadable PDF files of frequently requested forms, such as Tote Repair, Return Request, and New Customer Credit.

According to Gregg Dahleen, president of Central Ink Corporation, “We’ve tried to make the new site as engaging and informative as possible.  The “President’s Column” on the home page provides a way for me to address our customers about the fast-changing issues that concern the industry, such as the recent international oil price situation and the way it affected the costs of our products.  The Company History contains some great photos that show how the company has grown and prospered over the past 75 years, and the Virtual Tour gives even our most distant customers a look at how we make the products they buy and how we maintain our high quality standards.”

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