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Ciba Decides to Close the MetalFX Business


Ciba has announced that the company has decided to close the MetalFX Business. The decision was made by the Ciba Coating Effects Segment Leadership Team.

The main reason is the business does not fit with Ciba Coating Effects core business, not the potential for the product in the design, printing, packaging and publishing markets.

The Ciba MFX business will officially close on Dec. 19, 2008.

All management, sales, technical, marketing, finance and administrative staff in the Ciba MFX business will be contactable during this period on their normal numbers & email address’s. This is in order to allow Ciba to close down the business in a sensitive and professional manor.

Ciba MFX is working with an external technical support consultancy to establish telephone support for the product for 12 months after the business closes. Ciba MFX will send this information out prior to closure.

All on going contracts will come to a close on Dec. 19.

During this period Ciba MFX will settle all outstanding invoices owed by the business and both during and after this period will collect all monies owed to the business. Ciba would ask suppliers to the Ciba MFX business to present all invoices to its accounts department before Dec. 12, 2008 to avoid delays in settlement.

Ciba and the Ciba MFX team wish to extend a thanks to its customers, resellers, partners and suppliers who have taken and are taking the Ciba MFX brand and product off the drawing board and into the design, printing, packaging and publishing markets as a recognized brand.